Leaving Cert Online Biology grinds is an extensive course that covers all aspects of the official Biology curriculum.

Our online courses are available to 5th and 6th Year Students sitting either the higher or ordinary level exam.

It is mandatory before you enrol in this course that you have attended one of our live seminars that are held throughout the country each week.

If you cannot attend these seminars we hold online seminars once a month that are mandatory to attend before enrolling in the course.

Our biology course has helped hundreds of students over the last few years increase their grades by showing them what exact content to cover and how to study it efficiently.

I went to lan's biology grinds for 5th and 6th year. I started because I found biology confusion and didn't like it much. After a few grinds I understood it a lot more and it become my favourit subject. Ian explained everything very well and his notes are easy to learn from and very much exam based. I couldn't recommend Ian's grinds more.

Lisa Keane

Ian's Biology Grinds are great value with small classes that focus on exam material and greatly helped my son and I'd recommend to anyone in search of biology grinds.

Elaine Hickey

Went to Ian's biology grind for 5th and 6th year and couldn't recommend it enough. Each chapter was explained in detail and any confusion I had in school was always cleared up, my greades in schoool were constantly improving. Notes provided were really good revision coming up to leaving cert, and I felt very well prepared!

Katelyn Markham

Ian provides a great way of helping you understand the different chapters in biology, I would highly recommend the grind. The notes provided are also extremely helpful throunghout the year allowing you to get the grade you need.

Joshua Orahilly

My son used Ian's biology grind classes for al of 6th year… I would higly recommend your child tryng it out… 2 hours a week and coming up to the press and leaving cert he took the kids more often … small groups…great notes… great classes and a great price, definately would highly recommend this … enroll now … itll be worth it … thanks Ian for all your help and notes etc., fingers crossed.

Amanda Ross-Gorey

For More Information Contact Ian and the Team at Leaving Cert Online