Leaving Cert Online Geography grinds is an extensive course that covers all aspects of the official Geography curriculum. Our pre recorded classes cover all topics examined on the written exam. We help you to learn all short and long questions with our concise notes and efficient pre recorded online lessons.

Our online courses are available to 5th and 6th Year Students sitting either the higher or ordinary level exam.

Our Geography classes are currently BOOKED OUT.

Please contact us to reserve a place when one comes available.

Topics Covered:


Patterns & Processes in the Physical Environment

  • Plate Tectonics
  • Volcanoes - Earthquakes
  • Folding & Faulting - Rocks
  • Weathering Processes & Landforms
  • Mass Movement
  • Rivers
  • The Sea
  • Glaciation
  • Isostasy


Geographical Investigation & Skills

  • Ordinance Survey Maps
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Weather Maps & Satellite Images
  • Graph Skills
  • Geographical Investigation


Regional Geography

  • The Concept of a Region
  • The greater Dublin Area
  • The West of Ireland
  • The Paris Basin
  • The Mezzogiorno
  • India
  • The Complexity of Regions


Patterns & Processes in the Human Environment

  • Population Changes Over Time
  • Population and Human Development
  • Migration
  • Settlement
  • Urban Land Use and Planning
  • Urban Growth Problems

Online classes

1) Online higher level geography course €20 per week (Sold Out) 

2) Private one to one geography grinds. €40 per grind. Message or call us
to book a place.

For More Information Contact Ian and the Team at Leaving Cert Online